Opportunities For Boating Safety Instruction

The emphasis of the SBSA is to gather individuals and institutions whom face similar research boating safety training needs and provide a mechanism to connect personnel and resources. The following is a listing of those individuals and institutions providing boating safety instruction. Interested in opportunities in boating safety instruction in your area, please contact the SBSA or become a member.

Institutions Offering Boating Safety Instruction

The following institutions offer boating safety instruction. Please contact them directly for information on the instruction offered, dates, locations, costs and other details.

Institution Name Contact Training Offered
San Francisco State University [email protected] 3 Day MOCC/MOTC
University of New England [email protected] 2 hour classroom/2 hour boating
Oregon State University [email protected] 3 Day MOCC/MOTC; One day course, CPR/FA; can arrange ACA training
University of California, Santa Cruz [email protected] 5 day MOTC/OWM
UC Davis [email protected] 3 Day MOCC/MOTC, One day course, 4-Day MOTC & 3 Day OWM
Monterey Bay Aquarium [email protected] MOCC-based training created for specific MBA operations.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography [email protected] 4 day MOCC which includes pier operations
UCSC [email protected], [email protected] 5 day MOTC + OWM
USC [email protected] One day course
University of Hawaii at Hilo [email protected] 3 Day MOCC/MOTC

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