SBSA Meetings

Scientific Boating Safety Association (SBSA) & Diving Officers of California (DOCAL)

December 3rd through 5th, 2018 Annual Conference, Bodega Bay, CA

The UCD Boating Safety Program will be hosting the 2018 SBSA annual meeting in conjunction with the Diving Safety Program to jointly host the 2018 DOCAL meeting during December 2018. The UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab was the original host for the founding meeting of the SBSA and is pleased to have SBSA return after 13 years supporting Boating and Diving Safety Officers from around the country. The SBSA was founded in support of Boating Safety Officers and their mission to facilitate the development of safe and productive scientific boating operations for public and private institutional programs around the country. The SBSA meeting is scheduled to coincide with the annual DOCAL meeting and provides members the opportunity to share programmatic goals and shape policy guidelines and performance initiatives which impact the science community that rely upon boating and SCUBA for their research. The annual meeting hosts operational safety workshops to enhance program capabilities and instructional expertise for the membership. As one of the founding institutions for SBSA, the UC Davis, Boating and Diving Safety Programs look forward to showcasing the Bodega Marine Laboratory, Coastal & Marine Science Center. This will be a terrific opportunity to highlight the important research our scientific boaters and divers are performing and to display UCD’s coastal facilities, including the new Diving and Boating Safety classroom “Fort Fastenau.” The Diving and Boating Safety program offices are based out of the Bodega Marine Lab, and proud to welcome Boating and Diving Safety Officer colleagues from around the state and across the country.

The University of California, Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) will be hosting the 2018 Scientific Boating Safety Association (SBSA) annual boating safety conference in Bodega Bay, California, December 3rd through 5th, 2018. BML is located on the beautiful Sonoma County coastline and accessible by three major airports, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento, also with local flight services into Santa Rosa, California. The Bodega Marine Laboratory is dedicated to understanding environmental processes at the land-sea interface on California’s North Coast – an area known for the productivity and diversity of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems. BML’s rich history of research, training, outreach and education has contributed invaluably to our knowledge of coastal ecosystems, and provided a greater understanding of the environmental and ecological policies and initiatives that support them. BML Guest Housing is available for visiting classes, researchers, graduate students and conference attendees.

BML Guest Housing

The BML Housing Enclave is located approximately one mile from the Laboratory, with access by car, bicycle or on foot. Please note:

  1. Meals are provided with housing reservations at a rate of $135.00 per night, for guests staying off-site meals can be purchased separately for $65.00 per day. How to pay for meals through BML
  2. The SBSA conference fee will be $100.00 per person.
    Pay conference fees through PayPal

BML Accommodations Include:

  • Tokau and Miwok Dorms: Each room has two Twin beds and a private bathroom.  19 Rooms Available
  • Olok Dorms: Each room has two twin beds with shared bathrooms and a common area. 8 Rooms Available
  • The Lodge: 6 Bedroom Room house with 3 Queen Beds and 3 rooms with 2 Twin Beds, private bathrooms, and a shared kitchen. 1 House available

Guests will be assigned a private room up to 27 persons, if reservation numbers exceed the amount of private rooms, conference attendees may be assigned a roommate or shared housing space; please indicate any roommate preferences with your reservation response so that we may better accommodate your stay. If you have any dietary restrictions please inform us at the time of enrollment so that we can inform our kitchen staff.

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