Become A Member of The SBSA

  • SBSA provides a forum for scientific boating operations to share information that increases safety for students and researchers.
  • SBSA members participate with development with the latest standard of practices for training, equipment and scientific boating procedures.
  • SBSA provides annual training awards to assist students obtaining boating safety training.
  • Most importantly, your membership to the Scientific Boating Safety Association helps ensure scientific boating occurs in a safe and effective manner. Your membership will also enable SBSA to have a stronger voice when representing scientific boating in discussions with federal, state and local agencies.

Organizational Membership – $50/year

With an Organizational membership base encompassing the entire United States, the SBSA is the largest, most influential scientific non-profit boating organization in the world. SBSA has achieved it’s prominent position through effective advocacy enlightened leadership, technical competence and hard work.

Individual Membership – $25/year

Scientific boaters and educators not affiliated with an Organizational Member as well as those with research boating experience can have a say in national scientific boating policy. Membership is $25/year. Individual Members do have a vote in SBSA policy and BoD elections.