Who We Are

The Scientific Boating Safety Association (SBSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to  facilitating safe boating practices and to minimize accidental injury among those using boats for research and training. To meet this mission, SBSA members provide or make available initial training and refresher courses, share expertise, advice and recommendations, formulate guidelines and procedures, and publish a safety manual with appendices for local areas. Our goal is to ensure that scientific boating is conducted in a safe and effective manner.

Call For Boating Statistics
Active SBSA Organizational Members are encouraged to enter boating activity statistics for 2014 using our web form.

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Annual Business Meeting                                                                                                       SBSA will be holding its annual meeting at USC’s  Wrigley Inst. for Enviro. Studies on Catalina Island  Monday, December 7 & Tuesday December 8, 2015. Contact SBSA for details.

Individual Membership
Scientific boaters and educators not affiliated with an Organizational Member as well as those with research boating experience now have a say in national scientific boating policy.
Membership is $25/year. Individual Members do have a vote in SBSA policy and BoD elections.  Click here for the application form

Organizational Membership
With an Organizational membership base encompassing the entire United States, the SBSA is the largest, most influential scientific non-profit boating organization in the world. SBSA has achieved it’s prominent position through effective advocacy enlightened leadership, technical competence and hard work.

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For more information on becoming a member, please contact the Scientific Boating Safety Association.